Filter Factory Gallery B

Filter Factory Gallery B

Distort your digital images with this Photoshop plug-in pack


  • Lots of high quality filters
  • Simple to install


  • You'll need Photoshop

Not bad

Want to add lens effects and distortions to your images? Then Filter Factory could be the solution for you. The package contains 20 nice filters for you to apply, and although we'd question the usefulness of some them, it represents a nice way to have fun with your photos.

Installation is simple and all the filters can be added instantly to Photoshop using Plugin Commander.

The effects themselves include a realistic bubble distortion, as well as all manner of squares, cut glass and mask effects.

It's rare to see such a wide range of high quality filters offered in one pack for free, and it gives you plenty of scope to get creative with your photos and graphics.

It would've been nice if the developer had made the filters available with some of the best freeware image editors, as it means you'll need to own the expensive Photoshop app in order to reap the artistic benefits of this package.

Filter Factory Gallery B is the second installment of the largest collection of filters available for Photoshop. They are all free and made with the Filter Factory module (provided with PS) by various professional authors.

Filter Factory Gallery B


Filter Factory Gallery B

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    About this "cons" - you need photoshop.
    Sure that having photoshop is better but filter factory work also in ano...   More